What Self-Care Can Look Like

Bubble baths with twenty candles and foamy suds or doing your favorite face mask while painting your toes with that color that perks you up. 

These are the touted forms of self-care plastered around the internet that are ‘hot’ right now. I think this takes on a bit of a limiting POV on self-care, however. It doesn’t have to look like sunshine and rainbows; it doesn’t have to be grand.

Small Acts of Willpower: The Secret Life of Fat Book Thoughts

I recently read a book by Sylvia Tara called The Secret Life of Fat. No, this isn't just another diet book. Tara is a biochemist who was dealing with the question of "Why do some of my friends eat so carelessly and not gain weight, while I eat one bite of dessert and put on a pound overnight?". The book talks about the evolution of our understanding of fat, and wavers between discussing medical anecdotes with groundbreaking research studies that help the reader understand the vital role fat plays in the human body.

January 2018 Whole 30: Recap and Thoughts

If you read my last post recapping the whole 30 I did in March 2017, you’ll know I said I had no intentions of doing one again any time soon. Fast forward 9 months, and I decided to do one again.

Why, you ask?

A few reasons:

My 2017 Whole 30 Recap

Hey y'all! I did my first whole 30 last March, and in a few short days I will be done with my second whole 30. I figured before I do a write-up of the current whole 30, I'll provide you my thoughts from the first go around - I an already tell that they will be pretty different in terms of my attitudes and takeaways. I wrote this last March, and I'll do another write-up after this month is over. See below for my exhaustive thoughts from my first round of it!