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Lessons From A Crossroad

A few months ago, when I wasn’t very happy at my job (or generally, for that matter), what seemed like a golden opportunity landed in my lap, in the form of a LinkedIn direct message by a recruiter at a dream company.

Beyond the fact that this was probably too good to be true, I pursued the opportunity to see if it was worth my investment. I had several rounds of interviews — which seemed almost too easy, a concern of mine considering the esteem of the company.

Before I could blink, I sat with a job offer staring at me

Welcome to H to the Second


Welcome to my blog. To be honest, I have no idea what I am writing or how to summarize the purpose of this blog. But that’s a theme of my life at the age of 22: I have no idea what I’m doing. Weirdly enough, I’m okay with this. For anyone who knows me, it’s an obvious fact that I prefer to be in control with a clear game plan. And while I have somewhat of a plan, I also realize that being in my early twenties means that I’m changing as a person.