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Cheers to 23

Cheers to 23


Yesterday was my 23rd birthday.

Cue all of the songs, from 22 to What’s my Age Again. I thought about playing 22 the night before my birthday, but rendered it to be trite.  

I typically have ambivalent feelings about birthdays. One reason is that I don’t love making myself the center of attention and directing people to do things that I want to do. A simple example of this, is that last night after a birthday happy hour everyone asked me where we should go to eat. I remarked that I didn’t care, and everyone responded with, “but it’s YOUR birthday.” Poh poh, I don’t really care as long as I’m with the people I love. 

My brother commented that once you’re no longer an adolescent, birthdays become what you make them. I chose to make the day a celebration of life and connection, which I'll delve more into in a second. The one thing I do naturally love about birthdays is being able to reconnect with people in your life. It’s as though people crawl out of the woodwork, through a simple text or gesture, as a reminder that they were or are an important piece of your life, they are thinking about you, and they wish you well. I always vow, after my birthday, to make a greater effort to remember those who wish me well. I don’t always succeed, but each birthday I am reminded of how much a simple “happy birthday!” text or call can make someone’s day. So this is me, stating my resolution for the next season of birthdays, that I will put my best birthday-wishing foot forward.

While I’m out here stating birthday resolutions, let me make a second one. I choose to use my birthday as a reason to celebrate life and it’s beauty. I choose to no longer feel ambivalent my birthday, but instead use it as a reminder of the brevity of life and an occasion to celebrate my existence and creations in my X number of years on earth. 


My family has a tendency to dismiss holidays and brush them off as just another Tuesday. Sometimes, it’s nice. It means we can do nontraditional things on holidays and no one bats an eye. As a result, though, it’s instilled a “meh” feeling about holidays in my brain (except for Christmas, I do love it). Now that I’m working and each week is relatively similar, however, I’ll take a fun reason to celebrate and make today different than yesterday.

I’ve done my fair share of self-reflection lately, so instead I’ll end this with what I’m hoping for for year 23. 

I hope this year…

brings about many adventures and allows to me to uncover new parts of myself

lets me cultivate love and connection as the thread of my life

allows for self-love to flourish

challenges and strengthens me, both through flight and failure

is filled with new experiences 


22 was great, and I don’t have any reason to believe 23 won’t be the same way. Now 24 will be a different story - because I’ve always thought once you hit 24 you’re not that “young twenties” anymore. Luckily, I have a year to get over that mental mindset. For now though, I'll leave this as:

Cheers to 23, and being unapologetically all of me.


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