36 Hours in Vienna [Solo Eastern European Trip Recap]

The third city on my trip was Vienna. I have to be honest here, I knew next to nothing about the city before going. I didn’t pick my trip because it included a stop in Vienna - I was more excited for the other cities. I didn’t do as much research about Vienna because I was only there for about 36 hours and already had a lot booked.

3 Days In Prague [Solo Eastern European Trip Recap]

I was so excited to head to Prague after Berlin [read about my time in Berlin here] after my friends who had visited gave me glowing reviews of the city. On my way to Prague, I stopped in Dresden for lunch. There were beautiful gardens and architecture, it was incredibly picturesque. Fun fact: Dresden was bombed during WWII, destroying most of the city. The town felt pretty small, but I enjoyed the afternoon there.

5 Days in Berlin [Solo Eastern Europe Trip Recap]

The first city I went to on my solo trip was Berlin. I took the red-eye from Toronto and managed to sleep along the way with a little help from Xanax (seriously for long flights it was a game changer folks). The flight was delayed and I had already taken the Xanax, which meant I ended up pretty much falling asleep standing up while leaning against a wall until I could stumble onto the airplane and pass out (not a pro tip).