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Tops Sites and Eats in Copenhagen, Denmark

Tops Sites and Eats in Copenhagen, Denmark

I was able to go to Copenhagen with my brother for six days and take time off of work - which was a MUCH needed break. This trip gave me the space from my current life that I’ve been seeking lately, both physically and mentally. Being out of the country provided me the snow globe view of my current life - what I mean by that, is that I was able to look at it from the outside, shake it around, and examine the details.

Enough of my head space talk, now to the meat of this post: the best of the best for things to do and places to eat in Copenhagen. If you’re lucky enough to get the chance to visit, take advantage of all of your time there and do ALL the things.

Sites to See

  1. Rosenberg Palace: This was right near our Air B&B and we would walk the gardens each time we wanted to go toward the city center. The gardens were stunning in the snow despite the lack of flowering. We took a tour using the Copenhagen city card, which gave us 48 hours free for a variety of attractions in the city. The castle was quite ostentatious and we also saw the Danish crown jewels, which were gorgeous and quite heavy (2+ kilos!). It only took an hour for the tour, and I’d estimate we spent another 30 minutes taking in the gardens.
  2. Louisiana and Kronburg Palace: Both of these sites require getting on the train, but it was quite enjoyable to sit back and see the Danish suburbs and countryside. Kronburg palace is where the story of Hamlet took place originally and is a towering castle right on the water - you can even see Sweden from there! I’ll admit the decorations were a bit sparse, but apparently the royal crew took furnishings and what not from castle to castle back in the day, hence the unintended minimalist look. Louisiana is an art museum that is on the same train line as Kronburg, so it’s a great 2 for 1 deal. The art wasn’t totally my speed at Louisiana (except for this awesome water and light exhibit - see the picture below!), but the building itself was a work of art with its beautiful architecture. 
  3. Round Tower: Right in the heart of the city, round tower is a church and tower that you can go to the top of to get breathtaking city views. I went twice, once before my brother got in and once with him, and the scene looked completely different as it was a clear day the first time I went but snowy the second time. 

Beyond those specific areas, I’d recommend just walking alllllll throughout the city. There are so many unique pockets of town and fun neighborhoods that walking on foot allows you to see! My brother and I walked about 15 miles every day, as a point of reference for a) how much there is to see and b) how easy it is to walk everywhere. 

Due to the time of year we were there, we didn’t get to go inside Tivoli (the amusement park) or climb the steps of Church of our Savior, which is an outdoor climb to the top of the church to get more views of the city (the wind was too intense for it to be safe to go up).  If they were, I would have done both of those attractions in a heartbeat.

Alright, up next and arguably most important: FOOD!


1. Meyers Bakery: right down the street from the Air B&B, this had the BEST pastries in town. I had  warm cinnamon snail, as they are called, which melted in my mouth like butter and gave me chills. Side note: the gluten in Europe is different than the US so it didn’t even bother my stomach! 

2. Paludan Bog: I had the most LIFE CHANGING burger here. It was a goat cheese burger (think: hunk of cheese) with a spicy mayo. I have dreams about it still. Plus, it’s a bookstore and you can rent board games, and they serve coffee, desserts, and alcohol. Win win win win win. Go here or you will regret it.

The inside bottom area of Paludan!

The inside bottom area of Paludan!

3. Glass market: A bunch of stalls in a literal glass building, there are options here for everyone. I had a dope curry and my brother had a delectable pizza. There are also great desserts here!

4. Absalon: A church turned communal dinner spot, it’s the cheapest place to get dinner in town (which is hard to come by!). It was $17 USD for two people - unreal. You sit family style and the chef announces the menu right as it comes out. When we were there we had baked chicken wings which were divine.

5. Hope Cafe:  A vegan spot in the city, hope cafe is tiny but mighty. I had a raw snickers bar and a quinoa bowl, and then dragged my brother there once he got into town. 


I tried a few spots but the absolute winner was Forlorn Espresso, which my brother found for us. Latte making is an art form there and the barista took a solid 10 minutes to craft our drinks, which he did with much seriousness. 

The sights and food in Copenhagen were unreal, and my brother and I had a blast! I’m a big fan of Scandinavia (although it was freezing and windy) and it was such a great trip, especially alongside my brother. 

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