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Journey to Adulthood: Week One On My First Job

Journey to Adulthood: Week One On My First Job


Before I get started, I'll just say that I only have two days of work to discuss so far....but I promise to give an update at the end of the week! Follow me on Instagram @htothesecond for more insights of the working world.

Sunday night, in a moment of ambition, I set my alarm for my first day of work at 6 am so I could have time to work out and get the pre-work jitters out of my system. 

Monday morning rolls around and I wake up to a knock on my door from my roommate. In a dazed and confused state I open the door to her anxiously fretting saying that the power is out. Immediately my mind wakes up going from 0 to “OHMYGOODDD” in a matter of seconds. After confirming that the power is indeed not working by flicking the lights on + off 32 times, I quickly realize I am also late getting up because my alarm never went off.

In 30 minutes I changed + did my makeup in the lobby bathroom even though there was minimal lighting. Don’t even ask about my hair, it was a nightmare. Luckily we made it out the door on time and were hoping our first day would go better than the morning.

I supposed I expected the first day to be exciting + energizing, but I must admit I felt the opposite. The long day of training in an office learning about compliance, company values, and doing role-play scenarios was not what I had hoped for. The number of times the facilitator asked for a volunteer in the room of 50 people and got cricket silence was too high to even keep track of. The one upside was that I met some great people during the day who I am eager to work with + that there was free food.


My roommate and I left the day in a flush of disappointment + mental exhaustion from the tedious training, discussing how we hoped our days of flipchart group brainstorm were over. I immediately went to the gym to sweat out some of my tension from the day which was a definite help. Plus I talked to my boyfriend who is always a great influence of calm + reason + support. After a meal of leftovers thanks to my boyfriend’s grandparents (you can’t beat a home cooked meal), I tidied up for the day, ran to Target to grab essentials, + called my mom.

I ended the night with a video overview of my different healthcare plan options (can you say riveting or WHAT!), + felt like a deer in the headlights the entire time. Healthcare is terribly confusing and I had no idea that I had to research different plans and learn all the healthcare lingo. Not cool! 

Day two proved to be MUCH better - I was able to start my day with electricity + waking up on time. I was able to get a quick sweat on, read a chapter of my book, + meditate after a cup of coffee, all before work. This put me in a much better mindset for work which made all the difference for the day. We were also with a great facilitator who was engaging + taught us important work things.


My takeaways so far:

  • mornings set the mood for the rest of the day so make sure you do them right!
  • healthcare plans are SO confusing. I’m so lost.
  • use your commute as an opportunity to read, listen to a podcast, or center yourself
  • eating right has helped energize me during these tiring days so eat your greens
  • try to either start early or end early with work (if you have the option to) so you have part of the day for yourself
  • keep a gratitude list to help you with the good + bad days of this period

I have 3 more days of training + I am hoping they go as well as today did, but I’ll keep you all updated later this week! If anyone has advice on starting a new job please let me know!!

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