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Weekend Money Diary #1

Weekend Money Diary #1

Happy Tuesday everyone! Yes, I know I’m a bit late on the previous weekend recap (aka a week behind) - I had this post all written up and then the days got the best of me. Such is life, but here’s the DL on it all:

Instead of doing my usual weekend recap, I figured I’d take a note from the Luxe Strategist and Refinery 29's Money Diaries and do my weekend recap combined with a money diary. I’ve been on a big personal finance kick lately and love reading about money habits. The deets of the weekend are below!

Friday after work I had planned to go to yoga but was pretty wiped after a long week, and didn’t get home in time. I made dinner, watched Desperate Housewives, and baked cupcakes to surprise my roommate with for her upcoming birthday. However, I made the fatal error of not using liners for the batters, and my non-stick pan proved useless. I turned lemons into lemonade and decided to make cake balls instead.

At that point, my boyfriend and his friend showed up so we hung out for a bit. I offered to drink his friend home, and then we stopped at Harris Teeter on the way back to get butter for frosting. I also bought eggs and sprinkles ($10.23). The eggs were half off, which was awesome because cage-free eggs aren’t cheap!


B and I turned the cake mess into cake balls before heading up to U street for a housewarming party/pregame with people we went to college with. We split an uber, since it’s hard to get to U street from my place, and it’d be about the same price as the metro ($7.50) there and back). The party was pretty uneventful, and both B and I realized we’d rather be at home than at a boring party, so we scooted home.

Saturday B and I went to a class at my gym; bringing a guest this month is free so he was able to join me no problem. After that, we went to brunch for my roommate’s upcoming birthday. We split an uber between four people ($4.52). The restaurant was called Belga Cafe, up in the Eastern Market area. It’s a Belgian restaruant with a great ambience and a drool-worthy menu. I got a chorizo and lamb burger, which was good although a bit salty. I tried a bite of a friend’s waffle which was a tad underwhelming, to be honest. I’m glad we tried it but I don’t think I loved it enough to go back (20.43 with gratuity). Also, I hate how expensive brunch is so I’d rather spend the money elsewhere!


Saturday afternoon was spent watching the Olympics and playing Catan with friends. I recently learned how to play and really enjoy the strategy part of the game - it’s a great way to keep the mind sharp. That night, I drove B out to his house. We ended up hanging out with his parents to watch more of the Olympics. His parents ordered Cava for everyone - such good food, I love that place! We offered to pick it up and had a few minutes to spare, so B and I stopped for groceries at Trader Joe’s ($24.15). 

Sunday morning started off with a nice yoga class, followed by meal prep: a “cheddar” and broccoli pasta from Laura Lea Balanced, plus turkey burgers and veggies. After hearing positive reviews from family, I took myself to see Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. Great movie - I highly recommend it! It was sad, dark, but also humorous. I had a regal gift pass from Christmas I used for the movie, but I stopped at Harris Teeter before and got Zevia (pop sweetened with stevia, and no sugar) to sneak in with me as a movie treat ($4.51). 

After the movie, I stopped at T.J. Maxx - one of my favorite stores ever - to get coffee. Of course I didn’t just get coffee, as I also walked out with bath salts, Emmy’s macaroons, and hyaluronic acid for my KP ($18.06). The rest of the night was spent cleaning, hanging with my roommate, and watching Desperate Housewives.

Total spent: $89.40

Transportation: $12.02

Groceries: $38.89

Dining out: $20.43

Other: $18.06

Weekend Wins:

  • Spending less on groceries than normal because I took inventory of what I had and planned my meals out ahead
  • Centering my weekend activities around things that don’t cost money: board games, Olympics, and movie tickets

Frugal Fails

  • I’d like to spend less on transportation since I have to pay more for gas on a regular basis to get around for work - it’s often easier to Uber than take the metro so I need to get back to figuring out the cost/benefit of those options
  • Brunch kills me every time I pay for it, but I was going for a birthday celebration (otherwise I’d pass on brunch).

If you like this style of posting, let me know and I will do it again! Thanks for reading! 

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