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Saturday in the City: Eastern Market

Saturday in the City: Eastern Market


Saturday morning started off late, after sleeping in to recover from a busy first week at work + a night out on Friday. B + I did a circuit in my apartment gym that left us sweaty + hungry for a big brunch of eggs!

After our productive morning we ventured out to Eastern Market by way of the metro. It was a cool, fall day but perfect for a stroll in the Eastern Market/Capital South area. We started off at the market, browsing the outdoor tents + vendors. If you are in the DC area, this is a great spot to find unique gifts for people or check out if you love crafts, fresh food, and good people watching! The street is blocked off for people to walk through the tents, which is so nice, plus all of the restaurants and stores on the strip were bustling and alluring.

We popped into Capital Hill books, which is a secondhand bookstore, that was absolutely enchanting. It’s a tight space, but there are books floor to ceiling, occupying every space possible. There is also clever + satirical commentary on a lot of the books which was quite amusing. Although it was a small shop, you could get lost in there for a long time - especially on a day when it’s not crowded and you can find a corner to sit! 

After weaving through the plethora of tents and vendors, stopping to admire unique art work and sample fresh produce, we went to the prepared food area. We split an Italian chicken crepe from the crepe stand outside of the athletic center. The crepes are made right in from of you and are SO delicious, plus there are tons of great options. I highly recommend it! 

Eastern Market is a great place to get fresh produce and try out new foods. I talked to a lot of the vendors about unique fruits and vegetables that I had never heard of, sampled plenty of fresh apples, and bought my favorite white yams (if you haven’t had these, try them! They are a creamier version of the orange ones). 

After checking out the market, we walked along Pennsylvania Avenue and found another neat bookstore called East City Bookstore. The vibe was very different from Capital Hill Books (think clean lines, well organized, lots of space and light), but I enjoyed myself just as much there exploring the books. Plus, there was a cove where they had Polaroid pictures of all the dogs that visited the store, so I was fan after seeing that! 

The houses and townhouses in Eastern Market are so incredibly quaint and warrant a stroll through the neighborhoods to fully admire their beauty, especially when the foliage is at its peak. After exploring all that Eastern Market has to offer, we walked down Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capitol building and walked the area. I’ve visited before and had a full tour, but it’s always a beautiful place to walk by. We also passed the Library of Congress and Supreme Court - I am still getting used to passing these incredible landmarks on a day to day basis! 

The last stop of the day was at the US Botanic Garden, which we happened to walk by on our way to the metro. I had never been before, so we stopped by for a quick visit. I wouldn’t say that you need to go out of your way to go here, but if you are in the area it’s a cool place to stop by. My favorite rooms were the Medicinal Plants and Orchids.

Overall, it was a busy yet very enjoyable Saturday. If you live in DC or are visiting, add Eastern Market to your to do list - you won’t regret it! 

Saturday in the City: Crafty Bastards Craft Fair + The Wharf

Saturday in the City: Crafty Bastards Craft Fair + The Wharf